Business Processes Reengineering


The redesign of business processes consists of a specific intervention aimed at their revision in order to adapt them to the evolution of an organization that wants to improve its ability to produce value. For “process” it is meant all those activities that the company carries out in different fields (management, sales, design, production, after sales and support activities) in order to produce a clearly identifiable final result, which therefore represents the value produced by the company.

The need to operate a redesign of company processes often arises from reasons internal to the company, such as company objectives redefinition, the introduction of new technologies or work methods, the need to remedy a state of criticality or simply improve the ability to control, measure and monitor critical success factors such as cost or quality.

Equally frequently, the change is motivated by external factors such as changed market conditions or the need to improve company’s positioning with respect to competition or specific requests from customers. It could also be instrumental to strategic choices such as the decision to enter a new market segment, the acquisition of another company or the merger with it, the opening of new branches or new operating units both nationally and internationally.

The Company’s business processes reengineering intervention includes:

- A context analysis to analyze the environment in which the Company operates:; the reference market, its Customers, the Interested Parties and current operating practices

- The selection of management processes, either primary or supporting ones, upon which Company’s activity is built, and the set-up of the objectives that have to be achieved

- The identification of the critical issues related to that processes, the associated risk analysis and relevant improvement opportunities

- The research of the most suitable solutions in order to eliminate the identified critical issues

- The redefinition of those processes which need an intervention, the preparation of the relevant documentation and the implementation of the changes in the operating environment

The experience of NeM consultants is a valuable point of reference for Companies that want to embark on the journey of business processes redesign; their competence is a guarantee of efficiency in the interventions and effectiveness of results.

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