Management Systems Certification


CertificationThe certification of Management Systems of a Company, in conformance towards a reference Standard such as ISO or a prescriptive one (e.g. Automotive), implies the adjustment of the operating mode of the Company to the requisites that the Standard itself requires.

The certification will be carried out by an accredited third body, which will have the task of assessing whether the management system that the company has implemented complies with the requirements of the reference standard and whether this management system is used effectively in the operating practice.

The company that desires to obtain a certification can rely on consultants specialized in the concerned sector, such as NeM’s ones, whose support and experience are a precious help to make the path to the certification fast and safe, allowing the Company to sae time and money.

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of its consultants, NeM can support the Client Company with a complete consultancy package of for Quality, Environment and Information Security certification in all phases of the certification process and its maintenance. NeM can assist the Organization:

- in preparing the certification request in the most appropriate way for the Company,


- assisting during the visits of Certification Body,

- supporting all the follow-up activities after the audit,

thus making the path towards certification the quickest and easiest possible.

The involvement of NeM consultants can be adapted to the needs of the customer, including, for example, the training to the personnel personally in charge of the project and to the personnel involved in the management of specific processes.

As part of a certification process, NeM may operate a targeted intervention on a specific topic or across the entire organization.

In agreement with the Company, NeM is also able to draw up the documentation required to support the Management System subject to Certification. The interventions can be implemented either with remote activities or at the Client’s premises, both nationally and internationally

ReingeneeringThe approach that NeM uses to guide the Client Company to the realization/improvement of its Management System adapts itself to the needs of the Company. It is focused on identifying personalized tools and methodologies which aim to the twofold objective of satisfying the requirements of the reference standard and, at the same time, making business processes more effective, adapting themselves to the specific corporate culture and avoiding unnecessary superstructures. Another distinctive feature of the NeM approach is continuity: once the certification isachieved, NeM consultants are available to support the customer over time for both maintenance of the management system and for support to internal audits or suppliers, to the management reviews or to other specific interventions that may be necessary.

NeM can support tha Customer in the path to certificaton in relation to with different standards, such as:

– ISO 9001

– IATF 16949 and C.S.R. (APQP, FMEA,SPC, MSA, PPAP, CQI-xx)

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

ISO 50001

– ISO 27001

– ISO 28000

– ISO 22301

– ISO 17025


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