Who we are


NeM S.r.l. is a consulting Company offering business process reengineering activities based on customers specific needs or upon main international reference standard such as:

ISO 9001

– IATF 16949 and C.S.R. (APQP, FMEA,SPC, MSA, PPAP, CQI-xx)

– ISO 28000

– ISO 27001

– ISO 22301

– ISO 17025

Decades-long experience of its managers, matured in operational, managerial roles and in the specific Management Systems sector, qualifies NeM as a reliable, expert and competent partner for the needs of companies wishing to evolve their Management System in accordance with the international standards listed above.

NeM can provide its services in the following sectors:

– Automotive,

– Electronics,

– Telecommunications,

– Electro-mechanics,

– Electric Machines, business_training

– Automation,

– Mechanics,

– Rubber,

– Plastic,

– Electric Energy, Gas and Water production and distribution,

– Information Technology, Cyber Security

– Logistics

– Technical Consultancy Services, Engineering

NeM consultants can assist the Client in the design, in the implementation and in the maintenance phases, providing the skills and support necessary to achieve the agreed objectives.Their competence represents a valuable point of reference in the path towards obtaining certification and, subsequently, towards consolidation of the Management System and subsequent surveillance visits

The experience that NeM consultants gained by examining a vast multitude of business cases, ensures not only the compliance with the standard but is also functional to the achievement of a relevant improvement in company processes.

Thanks to the international experience of its consultants, NeM is capable to satisfy customers who operate not only on the Italian territory, but also in other parts of the world.

For every specific need, NeM is able to propose a custom-made solution, tailored to the client’s needs and corporate culture.

With reference to the international standards listed above, NeM’s consulting services are:

Founder Partners:

Valter Novelli, CEO and Technical Manager

More than twenty years of professional experience in the fields of industrial automation and machine tools; management of Quality plans for projects in Defense, Energy and Automotive sectors.

More than twenty years of experience as Lead Auditor on behalf of a renowned Certification Body for the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949 schemes and in the management of auditing programs, from certification application request up to cover all the activities related to the certification process of a management system.

The above-mentioned experiences have been consolidated in Italy and abroad, both in small, medium-sized enterprises and in large corporations, operating internationally in various product sectors.

Giuseppe Martino, Sales Manager

Over 30 years of professional experience in the microelectronics sector, he has successfully held managerial roles in various business areas. These include the management of the Italian branch of a large American company, the management of Operations, of Sales and Marketing and of an entire Business Unit for a medium-sized Italian company. Since September 2008 he has worked as Head of Quality Management Systems.

Thanks to the managerial path and to specific training experiences, he has a deep knowledge of the functioning of both industrial and service companies and of the dynamics of interaction between the various functions that comprise them. He has an in-depth knowledge of process-based management systems.


Davide Barra, ICT Specialist

He has 30 years of professional experience in the ICT sector, having had multiple corporate roles in Italian and multinational companies, including the responsibility for sales and project management of a medium-sized Italian company in the telecommunications sector. Since 2014, he is working as Auditor and Consultant in management systems for ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 28000 schemes, GDPR and Document Preservation as per AgID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale) rules.

Thanks to his professional experience, he has a deep knowledge of the interactions between the various processes of a modern company and the ICT systems that support them. Since 2001, he has been dealing with ICT Security and more recently with Cyber Security, carrying out Auditing and Advisory activities, supporting companies in mitigating IT risk by means of a combination of physical, logical and organizational security processes and systems.


In the implementation phase of the project, NeM can also engage professional experts, for interventions aimed at specific topics within the management systems for which NeM offers its own consultancy.