ISO 28000


ISO 28000 is an International standard which determines the requisites for an Supply Chain Security Management System (SCSMS), taking into account menaces such as terrorism, fraud, falsification and piracy; it is an internationally recognized certifying standard that defines the requirements for implementing a SCSMS.

The ISO 28000 standard covers aspects related to logical, physical, ICT, transport and organizational security. Among the crucial aspects taken into consideration there are, , manufacturing, packaging, storage, transfer of goods but also financial, information management and human resources processes.

The standard is applicable to companies of any size (from the smallest ones to the multinational enterprises) operating in production, services, storage and transport / logistics sectors, at every level of the Supply Chain.

The ISO 28000 standard represents the ideal framework for identifying and controlling potential critical situations for people or goods, limiting their possible consequences. In particular, it is essential:
– To provide for goods control, for a precise match between goods to be sent and those actually sent;
– To ensure that the shipment is accompanied by 100% correct documentation;
– To monitor shipments in order that neither load nor documentation are modified during the journey;
– To verify that all products shipped reach the destination;
– To check the continuous availability of products in stock;
– To provide strict behavioral codes to be followed.

The method proposed by NeM for the achievement of ISO 28000 certification is described in the section “THE PATH TOWARDS CERTIFICATION”