ISO 9001


The ISO 9001 Standard is the standard that defines the requirements of a Quality Management System of an Organization, whether private or public. Since the requirements are of a general nature, they lend themselves to being implemented by all Organizations, of any size, whether they supply products or services.

The choice of a company to have a quality management system certified by an accredited Certification Body guarantees current and potential customers that the operating practices adopted by the company are suitable to provide a product or a service that meets the specified requirements.

This is why many companies choose ISO 9001 certification to improve their performance, streamline their operational processes through their continuous monitoring and improvement, and appropriately train the company personnel to be able to keep their activities scrupulously under control.

The ISO 9001 certification therefore represents a universally recognized “quality mark” that is often requested by customers to guarantee the product or service they purchase and which becomes in some cases a fundamental obligation or credential to work in certain industrial sectors or with Public Bodies .

The approach followed by NeM consultants provides for the identification of those interventions on the operating mode of the Client Company that are suitable to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 standard, maintaining an effective and easily implemented management system without unnecessary superstructures.


The method proposed by NeM for the achievement of the ISO 9001 certification is described in the section “THE PATH TO CERTIFICATION”